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Dynamics International Ltd develops customised solutions for different industries taking into account of the market needs so as to satisfy different design requirements for products based on application features of different industries.

Well-diversified services consist of : Dynamics metal, Dynamics suppliers, Dynamics green.



Dynamics metal

By delivering semi-self service access to varieties of metal hardware retail trade, as well as agencies of reputable brands.  The categories of products include: furniture & decorations, manual tools, furniture components, electro-mechanical tools, bathrooms, building & decoration materials, doors & windows, up to locks...etc.  Leveraging on the strength of our customised solutions, semi-self service is launched to enhance convenience and create value for customers.


Dynamics suppliers

Providing one-stop materials supplying services: quotations, purchasing and transporting.  for any enquiries and quotations, customers may call the company at any time by telephone, fax or email.  We offer high quality one-stop materials supplying services to our customers.  We have set up Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited Purchasing Card for The Government of HKSAR.  It increases the purchasing efficiencies, improves strategic materials management and enforces purchasing policy compliance with better spend visibility.


Dynamics green

The research & development of diversified energy-efficient products not only improves the efficiency of energy use, but also reduces power consumption.  The adoption of energy-efficient products is considered to yield high net benefits for the consumers of industrial and commercial sectors.  By optimising both business margins and business volumes, sustainable shareholder value creation is maximised.


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